The vertiginous intrusion  of AI ( artificial intelligence )
approach to in our daily life makes it urgent
  to reflect about it and discuss it in all fields,
from science to arts and literature,  on ownership, control, power,
sphere of action and consequences of its interaction with humans.
Plato reasoned over our essence/root, that invisible, but latent, creative energy,
able to animate and give life to bodies – to give existence and to exist.
How will we be able to tell a machine from a human being in a near future?
This project is a monologue translated into images,
which tries to provoke our way to look at and think human existence.




This project intends to translate into images the latent universe of the “ portuguese diaspora”.
In a world of words and phrases  “ portuguese diaspora “ gains  literally,
in present times, multiple imagetic meanings.
It is my translation into images of an universe filled with signs, emotions, suffering, despair,
human desertification, cultural impacts, affections, identity, life conditions,
distance and many other realities contained in just two words .
Each image of this work, by congregating various symbols, seeks to contribute to a new visual
reading that adds meaning and significance to this topic.